Digitally Printed Blinds 

Elegant Curtains is now able to offer digitally printed made to measure Roller`s, Vertical & 25mm Venetian Blinds

We can print your favourite photo or Logo onto any of the above.

Roller Blinds 

  • Roller blinds can be finished in two different ways.

  • 1st being the image or Logo printed on the fabric in a size that suits the client.

  • 2nd  being the image  printed with bleed built in so that when the fabric is cut to size the image is the full width of the blind

  • Blinds can be made with the image of Logo printed facing inside or outside 

  • also we can print on both side of the blind   

Vertical Blinds 

  •  Using the latest computer software we take the image and slit it down into the required Vertical width.

  • Then we build in a 12 mm overlap to the image, so when the blind is tilted either slightly open or fully closed, there is full continuity with the image and break lines are barely visible.

  • This turns an ordinary Vertical Blind into a great talking point.

25mm Venetian Blinds 

  • Printing onto 25mm slats requires the blind to be closed to ensure continuity.

  • This is printed on the fascia of the blind whilst the rear of the blind remains unprinted.

  • Note  Venetian blinds can be fitted face in or out, but can only be printed on one side.


  • You can either take a photo with your digital camera & download it to your computer then send it to 

  • you can always browse a photo library website a place to start but there are many others on the web .just enter a keyword to browse 1000 s of photographs.

  • We accept all formats of imagery, EPS - tiff and vector files.

  • we can also scan your personal photographs and still achieve good results.

  • post your photograph to us in a none bendable envelope (best-recorded delivery if its the only photograph you have)